• Booking Engine/Payment Gateway
    The Book Now Button

    The Book Now Button will help you to maximize booking from your own websiteand optimize your social media profile with the book now button.

  • Seasonal Discount!!
    This discount will be applicable on room categories based upon selection of Dates. There are no required from user this discount will appear by default once user search of availability.
    Coupon Code Discount!!
    You can create multiple of Coupon code. You can create Secrete code for your VIP Client and Public code which will be displayed on booking engine and any user can use these coupon to get discount.
    Loyalty Program!!
    This discount is use for your repeat clients. Our system will search of count of similar email which being use to make any booking if our system found equal number of email count which has been applied by you in below discount section then this discount will be applied.
    Early Bird Discount!!
    This discount will applicable if someone book your room in advance period decided by you.
    Last Minute Discount!!
    Let's say you have 5 rooms available for tomorrow. Now you want to sell these rooms. Using this section you can run a discount which will be applicable for only tomorrow check in and only 5 rooms which are available.
    Limited Offer!!
    This discount is Similar to flip kart "Big Billion Bay". You can pick a day(e.g. Hotel Anniversary, New Year n all) and you apply a discount.
    Bulk Booking Discount!!
    This discount will be applicable if someone making a bulk booking for your BE. e.g. Someone is making a booking of 10 Room in single booking you can give this discount to your clients.
    Long Stay Discount!!
    This discount will be applicable for client which are staying in your hotel for long period. e.g. Someone this making a booking of 1 month so you can offer them this discount.
    Meal Plan Discount!!
    This discount will be applicable for Meals plan only Room rent will remain same if Seasonal Discount is not applied but you can offer then discount of Meal plan.

Five Main Reasons why to start?

We are a private commercial real estate development firm and hotel management company in Tamil Nadu.

Make Money from your own website through your Book Now Button.

Automatically allows guests to check your availability from yourwebsite or booking provider sites.

No e commerce bank fees or other hidden costs.

Can be used in place of costly merchant facilities.


AB HMS would introduce you our payment gateway partner company. They will approve your own payment gateway after some documentation formalities. Once your payment gateway will be approved a merchant key would be providing you by payment gateway.

You will forward the same merchant key to us and we will integrate the same on our Booking Engine.

How to Start

Just fill this form and give us 24hours time. We will integrate Booking engine in your website.